Who Am I?

I am Kotomi Hori. A girl from a small town in Japan.
Travelled to 17 countries (I think), and lived in 4.

Sometimes I design and code for my friends or
I'll be sitting by the beach watching the sun set.

Soon moving from Tokyo - Barcelona hoping
to consume Vitamin D and endless paellas.

My Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop,

Illustrator, and Sketch. (2020/02)

Project 1:

Camera School // Individual Project The intention of this project was to make a responsive website. As a beginner in web-design, I really wanted to grasp coding as well as design to understand the flow of designing a website.

I wanted to make a page which students could really understand what this school is doing. Also, since a lot of websites in Japan are flat, I also wanted to make a flat website with clear description of what the school has to offer.

Project 2:

8HOURS // Individual Project As another project to exercise my coding and design skills, I've decided to make a simple EC website. Although this is also a one page project, I wanted focuse on getting the navigation and the large background photo to compliment each other without overdoing it.

I've decided to add the search bar for an easier search within the website as well as both Japanese and English page.

Project 3:

Tempwave // Individual Project I wanted to practice more of responsive web-design and came up with this project focused on responsive design.

I also wanted to use one of the most used fonts in Japanese 'noto-sans' combined with Alphabetical letters.

Project 4:

RCU design // Individual Project Finally, I wanted to practice a site with multiple pages and navigations inluding attatching a form.

Since this project was created for design company, I wanted to focus on clear visuals with large photos and clean fonts so the page would not overflood with informations.

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